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Bothamsall, Haughton and Walesby

April 28, 2012

Bothamsall is a  quiet village to the east of the Dukeries between the Rivers Maun and Poulter. There was a small mott & bailey castle at the western end of the village – details on Bothamsall Castle  on CastleUK. The village has retained most its buildings and few modern ones have been built to spoil the ist rural charm.

It was the site of one of the Nottinghamshire oilfields which played an important role during and after Worldwar II (1939-1945). See  Dukes Wood Oil Museum (Eakring) website.

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To the north is a very pleasant green lane leading to the River Poulter at Crookford.

See the photos of an excellent 10 mile walk  from Clumber past the ‘Nodding Donkeys’ near Bothamsall and back across the ford at Crookford.

These days Haughton, on the road to Walesby, is a tiny hamlet. During Elizabethan times the hall was the home to the Hollis family with its own chapel. Unusual building at Haughton Farm.

Walesby is a one of the villages that have grown a lot in the last 50 years. it is still a pleasant place to walk around with a few interesting buildings such as the church, some of the old farms and the red Lion pub. There are a number of attractive rights of way between the village and Bothamsall. Just beyond the International Scout Camp (Walesby Forest) there is a very attractive bridleway that crosses Whitewater Lane and goes to Clumber, although you need to be aware that the route crosses the Rivers Maun and Meden and can flood. Oddly at this point the two rivers join and then split again.


Bothamsall – Walesby path distances

Bothamsall walk 1  Leisurely – 2.4 miles (3.8km) Circular walk to Haughton Mill. Recommended

Bothamsall walk 2 Leisurely – 3.4 miles (5.4km)  Best at the weekend or evenings. Footbridges at the fords. The lane out of Bothamsall is extremely quiet.

Bothamsall walk 3  Leisurely – 2.4 miles (3.3km) A short section to castle mound is on the roadside verge.

Bothamsall walk 4  Leisurely – 3.3 miles (5.3km) Goes past the castle mound, then takes you to Crookford.  Best at the weekends or evenings.

Bothamsall walk 5 Moderate – 5.1 miles (8.2km)   A walk through the oil field to the edge of Clumber. Care needed crossing the A614- as it is fast, but traffic volumes not high. Cross back at the traffic light. Recommended

Bothamsall walk 6 Leisurely – 4.7 miles (7.5km) Bothamsall to Bevercotes – first section is a very quiet small country lane. Recommended

Walesby walk 1   Moderate – 6.4miles (10.1km)  Pleasant walk to Conjur Alders, Bothamsall and Haughton. Hope you don’t mind free-range chicken farms. Recommended

Walesby walk 2   Moderate  – 7.3miles (11.7km)  Pleasant walk to Whitewater (Robin Hood’s cave), Conjur Alders, Bothamsall and Haughton. Short section on the grass verge going out of Walesby – the road is fairly quiet.

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