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Pleasley Vale

June 19, 2012

At the western boundary of Sherwood Forest, Pleasley Vale is strikingly different to the rest of the Forest. Vale is a steep sides valley cut in the magnesium limestone by the river. The landscape is blending of ancient woodland and buildings with a character and atmosphere all its own. The  Landscape Assessment sum up its character.

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The river was first dammed in the 18th century to power a forge. This was replaced at the end of the century by a cotton mill to supply cotton thread to the rapidly expanding East Midlands textile industry.

Another large mill followed. Both mills were burnt down and replaced with larger buildings in the mid 19th century.  In all three large mills were built along with housing for workers, a steam engine house, dye-works, school, postoffice and even an outdoor  swimming pool. The mills closed 1987.  After the Vale was given Conservation Area status over the next twenty years extensive renovations were carried to the various buildings and new uses for them as many small businesses were created or moved into the business park, including the Pleasley Vale Activity Centre.

The valley between the mills and Pleasley is a Notts Wildlife Nature Reserve with part of the reserve being SSSI, Special Site of Scientific Importance. Pleasley Park is an open access wood that has wonderful displays of spring flowers.


Pleasley Vale walks   has to be experienced to appreciate just how different the Vale is to the rest of Sherwood Forest. Leisurely to Moderate walking (some fairly stiff but short gradients). Recommended

Route 1            –   2.4 miles (3.8 km)      Route 2            –   2.1 miles (3.3 km)

Route 3            –   3.0miles (4.8 km)      Route 4            –   3.0miles (4.8 km)

Pleasley Park Wood map


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