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Where is Sherwood Forest UK?

Sherwood Forest is in Nottinghamshire, England between Nottingham Castle in the south and Worksop in the north. See the Sherwood Forest map below.

Map of Sherwood Forest

Public access – may be parking  charge, Limited access, Points of historical interest

A map of Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest north of Nottingham

This part of Nottinghamshire is a long strip of sandy soil 34 km long and 13 km wide stretching from Nottingham Castle in the south, to Worksop in the north. The soil is naturally dry and poor in nutrients and was originally dominated by oak and birch forest and heathland.  Because of this the land was not cleared in medieval times for arable crops and there were few settlements within the forest.   Agriculture only became important from the beginning of the nineteenth century when irrigation and fertilisers began  to be used. Whilst large areas are still covered by trees and heathland, the area is now the country’s second most important vegetable growing area, especially for carrots and leaks. In medieval times both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire was administered from Nottingham Castle, although at times both Bolsover Castle and Oxton Castle had a role in administering Sherwood Forest

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