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Clumber Park and Hardwick

September 14, 2012

It may no longer have its stately home like Welbeck Abbey, but Clumber is still the jewel in the crown of the Dukeries because so much of it is open to the public. The Park is more than 3,800 acres (15 km²) in size and features woods, open heath and rolling farmland. It contains a serpentine lake covering 87 acres (352,000 m²), and the longest double avenue of lime trees in Europe. The avenue extends over three miles (5km), and was created by the 5th Duke of Newcastle in the 19th century.

Clumber Park has been a very popular National Trust Country Park for many years.

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Both Nottinghamshire History and Wikipedia have entries.


Clumber National Trust walk  Easy 2.4km walk round heart of Clumber. National trust guide leaflet.

Clumber walk 1  Leisurely – 5.5 miles (8.3km)Hardwick to Crookford – this walk is best or weekends or evenings – Footbridges at the fords at the Hardwick and Crookford. Warning – crossing the A614 twice.

Clumber walk 2  Moderate  – 9.3 miles (14.9km)  Clumber to Crookford as walk 1 with Clumber and the lake added.

Clumber walk 3  Leisurely – 4 miles (6.4km) Start at center of Clumber by the lake. Walk to the church and follow the path through the large trees (parallel to the lake).  Wander round Hardwick Village and visit the ford.

Clumber walk 4  Leisurely – 6 miles (9.6km) Pleasant route is the less frequented parts of Clumber.


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