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September 14, 2012

Holbeck , or rather Holbeck and Holbeck Woodhouse are small hamlets across the A60 from the main Welbeck buildings. They are joined with Welbeck as a single parish with the parish church, St Winfred’s between Holbeck and Holbeck Woodhouse. The church, the burial place of the Dukes of Portland and their families,  is immaculately maintained.There is a large number of listed buildings in Holbeck and Welbeck Villages

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You can have an enjoyable few hours wandering round the lanes as far as Norton. They  are mainly narrow and  twisty with little traffic and have flat grass verges to step onto if a vehicle does come past.


Holbeck walk 1  Leisurely – 2.2 mile(3.5km) and 3.5 mile(5.6km) routes. Mostly on quiet roads with no pavement but does have flat grass verges. High Holbeck is up the hill. A good walk round this attractive and quiet village. Recommended

Creswell Crags walk 1  Leisurely – 4 miles (6.1km). Mostly on surfaced track/lane/pavement. Important Stone Age heritage site. Holbeck is a very attractive village with many listed buildings. Recommended

Cuckney walk 4 leisurely – 6 miles(9.6km) or with extension Moderate 9 miles(14.4km). Mostly on quiet roads and Welbeck Estate roads, just three fields. Takes you to Norton, Welbeck, Holbeck Woodhouse, High Holbeck and Cuckney. The second half is very good – look out for the white deer in the deer park. The extension adds Creswell Crags. Recommended

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