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April 28, 2012

Worksop is well worth a visit as it has a highly accessible town centre with the Priory, Memorial Gardens, the Chesterfield canal and the old streets of the Town Centre.  Both Worksop Manor and Worksop Manor Lodge are important historical buildings close to the town.

Park next to Priory and follow the Worksop Heritage Trail via Priorswell Road, Potter Street, Westgate, Lead Hill and the castle mound, Newcastle Avenue, Bridge Street. Sit in the Memorial Gardens for a while, before  taking a stroll along the canal. Then visit Mr Mr Straw’s House(National Trust) BUT you must have pre-booked as so many people want to see it. Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway has a short summary of the history of the Worksop.

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The ‘lords of the manor of Worksop’ traditionally been involved in the coronations of the monarch. Holding the serjeanty requires the lord of the manor of Worksop to render to the Sovereign a pair of white gloves, and also to support their right arm while carrying the sceptre .

The Manor, where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned, was built during the late 16th century for the George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury.  That building burnt down in 1761.

A replacement for the Elizabethan mansion was begun almost immediately. This would have been one of the  largest houses ever constructed in England had it been completed. However, only one wing had been finished when work stopped on the house in 1767.

Following another fire in 1840 the estate was sold to the Duke of Newcastle, of nearby Clumber Park,  who pulled down the main wing of the house as he was only interested in adding the land to his own estate. The surviving parts, the stables, the service wing and part of the eastern end of the main range, were used to create a new mansion. Have a look at the Worksop Manor entry in Nottinghamshire History and Wikipedia for more information about Worksop Manor

Unfortunately you can’t visit Worksop Manor, but you can see it from the footpath to Welbeck.


Worksop walk 1  Leisurely – 4.3 miles (7km)  Across the meadow via Broad Lane to the Welbeck tunnel entrance at  South Lodge. Good views on the way back of Worksop Manor, Manor Farm and Worksop with the spire of St John’s Church prominent. A walk back in time from the busy 21st century. Beware of high speed traffic on Worksop bypass.

Worksop walk 2  Moderate – 10.3 miles (16.5km). A long varied circuit through outer parts of Clumber and Welbeck. Good views of Worksop Manor, Manor Farm and Worksop with the spire of St John’s Church prominent. Recommended but beware of high speed traffic on Worksop bypass.

Worksop walk 3  Leisurely – 6.6 miles (10.5km)  Pleasant route from Sparken Hill woods to Clumber and Hardwick.

Worksop walk 4  Leisurely  –  7 miles (11.1km)  A walk to see Worksop Manor Lodge and Steetley Chapel with its Robin Hood connections. Some walking on narrow lanes – face on coming traffic. Park at Darfoulds Nursery. Good visibility at the rail crossing but be careful. Recommended

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