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June 10, 2012

An old farming village, Eakring is well worth exploring. The roads are quiet and it has an amazing network of footpaths and lanes allowing you to thoroughly explore this small village and the surrounding fields.

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The village map by the church will help you find Mompesson’s Cross. Moving to the village after faithfully tending the villagers of  Eyam in Derbyshire during the 1665-6 bubonic plague which killed most of his flock. He is credited with organising the self-imposed quarantine that kept neighbouring villagers safe. The tradition claims that Mompesson was excluded from the church and vicarage on his arrival for fear that he was carrying the plague infection.  Compelled to preach in the open air he survived this further ordeal remaining for 38 years.

Dukes Wood, the site of Britain’s first oil field is close by.

There are a number of important wildlife sites including Eakring Meadows.

Eakring village map

Eakring– Five circular walks  1.2 to 3 miles (1.9km to 4.5km) – mostly leisurely walking but on clay so can be very slippery after heavy rain or in the winter.

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