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Sherwood Forest longer walks 6 to 8 miles

July 12, 2012

Recommended walks in Sherwood Forest for the fitter walker.

Clumber walk 4  Leisurely – 6 miles (9.6km) Pleasant route is the less frequented parts of Clumber.

Cuckney walk 4  Leisurely – 6 miles(9.6km) or with extension Moderate 9 miles(14.4km). Mostly on quiet roads and Welbeck Estate roads, just three fields. Takes you to Norton, Welbeck, Holbeck Woodhouse, High Holbeck and Cuckney. The second half is very good – look out for the white deer in the deer park. The extension adds Creswell Crags.

Blidworth walk 4 Leisurely – 6.0 miles (9.6km) The Blidworth half-round. Forestry tracks or similar. Some hills to go up and down.

Linby walk 1  Leisurely – 6 miles  (9.6km) This is a really good walk. Wander round the picturesque villages of Linby and Papplewick plus beautiful Newstead Abbey.  The old rail line has an interesting range of wild flowers in the pools and bogs.

Kings Clipstone walk 4 Leisurely – 6 miles (8.4km)   A fairly flat walk starting from Vicar Water Country Park across to Clipstone Drive, then along Squires Lane to Kings Clipstone before returning up Bog Lane.

Warsop  walk 7  Leisurely – 6 miles (9.5km)   Fine views are a feature of the first part of
this walk and the return section is mainly along quiet lanes.

Warsop walk 8  Leisurley – 6 miles (10km) Along the Warsop parish boundary through the edge of the ancient forest of Birklands. Birklands was part of the royal forest of Sherwood that was an exclusive hunting ground for successive Kings and Queens of England.

Warsop to Thynghowe walk  Leisurely – 6 miles (10km)  Along the Warsop parish boundary through the edge of the ancient forest of Birklands to the ancient meeting site of Thynghowe.

Walesby walk 1   Moderate – 6.4miles (10.1km)  Pleasant walk to Conjur Alders, Bothamsall and Haughton. Hope you don’t mind free-range chicken farms.

Newstead walk 1   Leisurely – 6.5 miles (10.4km) A chance to see more of Newstead than most visitors. Walking round the Abbey grounds hasn’t been included in the distance.

Worksop walk 3  Leisurely – 6.6 miles (10.5km)  Pleasant route from Sparken Hill woods to Clumber and Hardwick.

Robin Hood Hill – Farnsfield walk   Moderate (takes about 3 hours) –  6.9 miles ( Iron Age fort and good views over Sherwood Forest from the heights.

Worksop walk 4  Leisurely  –  7 miles (11.1km)  A walk to see Worksop Manor Lodge and Steetley Chapel with its Robin Hood connections. Some walking on narrow lanes – face on coming traffic. Park at Darfoulds Nursery.

Walesby walk 2   Moderate  – 7.3miles (11.7km)  Pleasant walk to Whitewater (Robin Hood’s cave), Conjur Alders, Bothamsall and Haughton. Short section on the grass verge going out of Walesby – the road is fairly quiet.

Kings Clipstone  Robin Hood walk 1 Leisurely – 7 miles (11.2km)

Kings Clipstone walk 3 Leisurely – 7 miles (11.2km)  Starting at Vicar Water Country Park across to the Maun Valley, then to Kings Clipstone returning along the Vicar Water Valley.

Kings Clipstone walk 6 Leisurely – 7 miles (11.2km)   Starts at Vicar Water Country Park. Then follows by an attractive route through Sherwood Pines. The route uses the wide verge on the B6030 to get to Kings Clipstone and finally returns up the Vicar Water valley.

Edwinstowe to Thynghowe walk  Leisurely – 7.5 miles (12km) From Edwinstowe to its boundaries with Kings Clipstone, Warsop and Budby. The section along the Thynghowe Trail marks some of the events of over a thousand years of history. This area was once border territory between the kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia with the hill of Thynghowe, possibly playing an important role in this era. Warsop Footpath Group.

Warsop walk 1   Leisurely 7.5 miles (12 km)  The eastern side of Warsop Parish has ancient lanes, fine views and a variety of coniferous and deciduous woodland. Birds are plentiful in the hedgerows, wildflowers are abundant

Blidworth walk 5 Leisurely – 7.6 miles (12.2km)  The Blidworth three quarters-round. Same above but the last part through the old part of the village. Two stiles on the section along the footpath.

Norton walk 1   Leisurely – 7.6 miles (12km)  Picturesque villages of Norton and Cuckney and fine views over the Welbeck Estate.















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