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Robin Hood and the Dukeries

September 18, 2012

Not to be missed – a tour of Robin Hood places in the Dukeries.

 Steetley Chapel

Steetley Chapel Sherwood Forest

Steeetley Chapel a small gem.

Attractive little Norman church that is virtually unaltered since the time of Robin Hood. Worth visiting just to experience the interior which has a wonderful mediaeval feel.which really takes you back to the days of Robin Hood. Friar Tuck is said have brought the Merry Men here for prayers on occasion and Robin used the false roof to hide.


The chapel can be seen beyond the trees. The truly excentric small iron building is the Chapel’s kitchen

Steetley is also Papplewick’s rival for the claim of being the church where Alan-a-Dale was married. The minstrels’ lover was to be married, in the chapel, to an elderly nobleman of her parents’ choosing, until Robin stepped in and rescued her. She was instantly wedded to Alan instead.


Robin Hood Cave, Creswell Crags Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood Cave, Creswell, one of many caves in the limestone gorge.






Robin Hood Cave, Creswell Crags

Once called Robin Hood’s Hall, this is the largest cave at Creswell Crags. There are four main chambers are linked together by short passages.

Robin Hood Statue (1955) framed in the entrance to the stables courtyard




Thoresby & Perlethorpe

Thoresby Hall has a statue of Robin Hood in the forecourt, and a fireplace with wooden carvings of Robin Hood and Little John.

Robin Hood’s Cave, Whitewater is the depression in the rock face towards the back. The River Maun is in flood.





Robin Hood’s Cave, Whitewater

The cave, which was in the face of a small sandstone outcrop with the River Maun sweeping past its base, can be approached by  the Whitewater bridleway. Sadly erosion over the years has reduced the cave to just a depression the rock face.

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