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Heart of Sherwood Forest walks

July 12, 2012

Selected walks in the heart of Sherwood Forest

Click on the green heading for the walks in each place


Eakring village map

Eakring– Five circular walks  1.2 to 3 miles (1.9km to 4.5km) – mostly leisurely walking but on clay so can be very sticky after heavy rain.


Edwinstowe  walk 1 Leisurely – 4.5 miles (7.4 Km) Takes you through centre of Edwinstowe, along the  River Maun, past Archway House, along the green ride (SSSI) and past a group of ancient oaks,  well worth visiting. Some gentle gradients but mostly fairly flat.

Edwinstowe walk 2  Moderate – 8 miles (13Km) A longer walk round some of the historic sites at the heart of Sherwood Forest, including parts not normally seen by visitors.

Edwinstowe walk 3 Moderate – 4.7 miles (7.5km) This walk gives you a good idea of what Sherwood used to be like. Takes you through the wood grazing project and across Budby Forest South to the Thoresby Estate village of Budby with its historic post box.

Edwinstowe to Thynghowe walk  Leisurely – 7.5 miles (12km) From Edwinstowe to its boundaries with Kings Clipstone, Warsop and Budby. The section along the Thynghowe Trail marks some of the events of over a thousand years of history. This area was once border territory between the kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia with the hill of Thynghowe, possibly playing an important role in this era. Warsop Footpath Group

Five Parks walk  Moderate – 14 miles (22.5km). Mostly on good tracks or grass. A lot to see if you do your research first. Good spacing of tea rooms/pubs along the way.

Kings Clipstone

Three Robin Hood themed walks

Kings Clipstone  Robin Hood walk 1 Leisurely – 7 miles (11.2km)

Kings Clipstone  Robin Hood walk 2 Moderate – 8 miles (12.8km)

Kings Clipstone  Robin Hood walk 3 Moderate – 9.5 miles(15.1) or combine with RH2 – 7miles (11.2km) – the only walk guide going past the Parliament Oak, Sherwood Forest’s oldest tree.

Kings Clipstone walk 1 Leisurely – 4.5 miles (7.2km)  Archway Road to Birklands(Sherwood Forest), King Edwins Chapel and the Maun Valley before returning to the village along Squires Lane.

Kings Clipstone walk 2 Leisurely – 5.5 miles (8.8km)  A walk through Kings Clipstone to the  River Maun, and the fishing lakes, remains for the Flood Dykes, the Spa Ponds and back along the straight mile of Clipstone Drive.

Kings Clipstone walk 5 Leisurely –  5 miles (8km)  Starts at Archway Road, to Edwinstowe past Archway House and some of the old oaks of Birklands and returning to the village down Broad Ride and Archway Road.

Kings Clipstone walk 7 Moderate -8 miles (12.8km)  Starts at Archway Road, and follows the River Maun to Edwinstowe and the Major Oak then through Birklands to Warsop Windmill and the Deer Leap. Returns via the Maun Valley(noticeable climb up) and Squires Lane.


Ollerton walk 1  Leisurely – 5.2 miles (8.3km) Stroll from Old Ollerton to Edwinstowe High Street and the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

Ollerton walk 2 Leisurely – 4.5 miles (7.2km)   Start this highly rated walk in the attractive centre of Old Ollerton. It takes in Wellow with its famous maypole and Rufford Country Park with its abbey ruins. A very varied walk with some great views. Warning –  flight of 141 steps down and up at old railway cutting. Add extra for walking round Old Ollerton, Wellow (see the village map) and Rufford Country Park.


Pleasley Vale walks   has to be experienced to appreciate just how different the Vale is to the rest of Sherwood Forest. Leisurely to Moderate walking (some fairly stiff but short gradients).

Route 1            –   2.4 miles (3.8 km)      Route 2            –   2.1 miles (3.3 km)

Route 3            –   3.0miles (4.8 km)      Route 4            –   3.0miles (4.8 km)

Pleasley Park Wood map

Meden Trail leaflet


Rufford walk 1 Moderate  – 8.2 miles (13.1 Km)   Sherwood Heath, Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, Rufford Country Park and Old Ollerton.

Five Parks walk  Moderate – 14 miles (22.5km). Mostly on good tracks or grass. A lot to see if you do your research first. Good spacing of tea rooms/pubs along the way.

Sherwood Pines

Sherwood Pines walk 1  Leisurely walk –  3.3 miles (5.3km)   Varied walk through the historic parts of the forest such as the Long Stoop (hill to climb). Try and find Robin Hood’s Whetstone (whetstones are used for sharpening blades).

 Sherwood Pines walk 2   Leisurely – 4 miles (6.4km) Takes you to some of the very quiet parts of the Forest. Some ups and downs – one going, two back.

Five Parks walk  Moderate – 14 miles (22.5km). Mostly on good tracks or grass. A lot to see if you do your research first. Good spacing of tea rooms/pubs along the way.


Sookholme walk 1  Leisurely – 4.6 miles (7.4km)  It is hard to believe that much of this woodland and farming route is reclaimed pit tip. Sookholme is a quaint little hamlet.

Sookholme walk 2   Leisurely – 3.7 miles (5.9km) + 1.3 miles(2.1km) extension  This is lovely quiet walk round the ponds and woods of Shirebrook Wood with an extension to Pleasley Vale.

Sookholme walk 3  Leisurely – 5.0 miles (8.0km)   Explore more of the extensive path system around Pleasley Park Wood, Little Matlock, Shirebrook Wood.

Vicar Water Country Park

Kings Clipstone walk 3 Leisurely – 7 miles (11.2km)  Starting at Vicar Water Country Park across to the Maun Valley, then to Kings Clipstone returning along the Vicar Water Valley.

Kings Clipstone walk 4 Leisurely – 6 miles (8.4km)   A fairly flat walk starting from Vicar Water Country Park across to Clipstone Drive, then along Squires Lane to Kings Clipstone before returning up Bog Lane.

Kings Clipstone walk 6 Leisurely – 7 miles (11.2km)   Starts at Vicar Water Country Park. Then follows by an attractive route through Sherwood Pines. The route uses the wide verge on the B6030 to get to Kings Clipstone and finally returns up the Vicar Water valley.

Five Parks walk  Moderate – 14 miles (22.5km). Mostly on good tracks or grass. A lot to see if you do your research first. Good spacing of tea rooms/pubs along the way.


The following Warsop routes have been provided by the Warsop Footpath Group.

Warsop walk 1   Leisurely 7.5 miles (12 km)  The eastern side of Warsop Parish has ancient lanes, fine views and a variety of coniferous and deciduous woodland. Birds are plentiful in the hedgerows, wildflowers are abundant along Budby Drive and in autumn fungi thrive beneath the beech trees and at the sides of the cycle route.

Warsop walk 2  Leisurely – 3.8 miles (6km) includes open fields, woodland, a farm road and an old lane. You may wish to spend time investigating Cuckney’s mill pond or stop for a drink at the Greendale Oak.

Warsop walk 3 Leisurely – 3.8 miles (6km) Now the pit has gone, nature is reclaiming the pit yard, the tip has been sensitively remodelled and new habitats created. This walk includes both of Warsop’s Sites of
Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), the Hills & Holes and Lord Stubbins Wood. The return through Collier Spring Wood provides a fascinating contrast.

Warsop walk 4  Leisurely – 3.8 miles (6km) This walk takes us around the south of the parish along all three types of right of way – byway, a bridleway and a footpath. You should enjoy fine views and see a variety of birds in the hedgerows flanking the lanes.

Warsop walk   Leisurely – 1.9 miles (3km) This walk links  Market Warsop and Church Warsop and includes The Carrs Local Nature Reserve, Church Warsop’s Doorstep Green, part of the Hills & Holes Site of Special Scientific Interest and a stretch alongside the River Meden.

Warsop walk 6  Leisurely – 2.5 miles (4km)  The reclaimed Warsop Main pit site at Warsop Vale form the main focus for this walk. It also takes in farmland and Sookholme Moor to the south of the village

Warsop  walk 7  Leisurely – 6 miles (9.5km)   Fine views are a feature of the first part of
this walk and the return section is mainly along quiet lanes.

Warsop walk 8  Leisurley – 6 miles (10km) Along the Warsop parish boundary through the edge of the ancient forest of Birklands. Birklands was part of the royal forest of Sherwood that was an exclusive hunting ground for successive Kings and Queens of England.

Warsop walk 9  Moderate – 8 miles  (13km)  The route includes old lanes, woodland and the sites of the two country mansions. Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid sections of road walking but interesting features along the route compensate for this.

Warsop walk 10  Leisurely – 3miles (5km) circuit around Church Warsop, taking in Collier Spring Wood and a path along the parish boundary that was only officially declared a public right of way in July 2009. It covers a variety of woodland and gives fine views from the higher ground of Cuckney Hill.

Warsop to Thynghowe walk  Leisurely – 6 miles (10km)  Along the Warsop parish boundary through the edge of the ancient forest of Birklands to the ancient meeting site of Thynhowe.

Meden Valley Trails Route network between Church Warsop, Pleasley Vale, Mansfield Woodhouse and Shirebrook

Meden Trail leaflet


Wellow Village map

Wellow walk 1  Easy walking – 1.7 miles (2.7km) Wellow Village walk

Wellow walk 2   Leisurely – 2.0miles (3.2km) except for the 142 steps at the old railway cutting. A short varied walk, with a small diversion to see Wellow’s famous Maypole Green.

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