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Cuckney and Norton

September 14, 2012

Pleasant little villages to the southwest of the Dukeries. Few people visit, but both places are worth strolling or cycling round. The River Poulter flows through Cuckney. Its millpond and Tenrow (former mill houses but there are only nine left) are to the west of the A60. To the east  there is the  Greendale Oak, an interesting public house (listed) and Norton Cuckney Church built on the site of Cuckney Castle.

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About 1790 Major Hayman Rooke, a famous local antiquarian (Major Oak is named after him)  wrote a book about the many notable oaks to be found on  the Welbeck Estate. One of these was the Greendale Oak. The tree was so large that to win a bet the Duke of Portland had an opening cut through the trunk wide enough to drive a carriage through – it was his smallest carriage. There is an article in the Nottinghamshire History about the Greendale Oak and other famous trees .

The school was formerly a cotton mill, known as The Upper Mills, converted to a school in 1846.

There websites about  Cuckney Castle and information about the use of child labour in the Cuckney Mill .

There are a large number of listed buildings in the two villages.


Cuckney walk 1   Leisurely  – 1.7 miles (2.7km) + 0.8 mile extension. Round the village – Dam Hill has steps both sides. Recommended

Cuckney walk 2   Moderate – 3 miles(4.8km) – The old way into Cuckney and over Cuckney Hill. Recommended

Cuckney walk 3  Moderate – 5.5 miles(8.8km).  Similar to above with an addition of Cuckney Hay Wood and wildlife rich  permissive path along the side of the dam.  Protection needed against nettles but normally well worth it for any one interested in birds.

Cuckney walk 4 leisurely – 6 miles(9.6km) or with extension Moderate 9 miles(14.4km). Mostly on quiet roads and Welbeck Estate roads, just three fields. Takes you to Norton, Welbeck, Holbeck Woodhouse, High Holbeck and Cuckney. The second half is very good – look out for the white deer in the deer park. The extension adds Creswell Crags. Recommended

Norton walk 1   Leisurely – 7.6 miles (12km)  Picturesque villages of Norton and Cuckney and fine views over the Welbeck Estate. Recommended but some on the road

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