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Dukeries walks – Sherwood Forest walks north

September 15, 2012

List of selected Sherwood Forest walks in Clumber Park and the Dukeries

Click on the green title for the walks in each place

Bothamsall and Walesby walks

Bothamsall walk 1  Leisurely – 2.4 miles (3.8km) Circular walk to Haughton Mill.

Bothamsall walk 2 Leisurely – 3.4 miles (5.4km)  Best at the weekend or evenings. Footbridges at the fords. The lane out of Bothamsall is extremely quiet.

Bothamsall walk 3  Leisurely – 2.4 miles (3.3km) A short section to castle mound is on the roadside verge.

Bothamsall walk 4  Leisurely – 3.3 miles (5.3km) Goes past the castle mound, then takes you to Crookford.  Best at the weekends or evenings.

Bothamsall walk 5 Moderate – 5.1 miles (8.2km)   A walk through the oil field to the edge of Clumber. Care needed crossing the A614- as it is fast, but traffic volumes not high. Cross back at the traffic light.

Bothamsall walk 6 Leisurely – 4.7 miles (7.5km) Bothamsall to Bevercotes – first section is a very quiet small country lane.

Walesby walk 1   Moderate – 6.4miles (10.1km)  Pleasant walk to Conjur Alders, Bothamsall and Haughton. Hope you don’t mind free-range chicken farms.

Walesby walk 2   Moderate  – 7.3miles (11.7km)  Pleasant walk to Whitewater (Robin Hood’s cave), Conjur Alders, Bothamsall and Haughton. Short section on the grass verge going out of Walesby – the road is fairly quiet.

Clumber walks

Clumber National Trust walk  Easy 2.4km walk round heart of Clumber. National trust guide leaflet.

Clumber walk 1  Leisurely – 5.5 miles (8.3km)Hardwick to Crookford – this walk is best or weekends or evenings – Footbridges at the fords at the Hardwick and Crookford. Warning – crossing the A614 twice.

Clumber walk 2  Moderate  – 9.3 miles (14.9km)  Clumber to Crookford as walk 1 with Clumber and the lake added.

Clumber walk 3  Leisurely – 4 miles (6.4km) Start at center of Clumber by the lake. Walk to the church and follow the path through the large trees (parallel to the lake).  Wander round Hardwick Village and visit the ford.

Clumber walk 4  Leisurely – 6 miles (9.6km) Pleasant route is the less frequented parts of Clumber.

Cresswell Crags

Creswell Crags walk 1  Leisurely – 4 miles (6.1km). Mostly on surfaced track/lane/pavement. Important Stone Age heritage site. Holbeck is a very attractive village with many listed buildings.

Creswell Crags walk 2  Moderate – 9.5 miles (15.2). Most of the walk is on tracks, but fields can be  muddy after heavy rain. Find out about the eccentric Duke of Portland and his buried coach roads before going.

Cuckney and Norton

Cuckney walk 1   Leisurely  – 1.7 miles (2.7km) + 0.8 mile extension. Round the village – Dam Hill has steps both sides

Cuckney walk 2   Moderate – 3 miles(4.8km) – The old way into Cuckney and over Cuckney Hill.

Cuckney walk 3  Moderate – 5.5 miles(8.8km).  Similar to above with an addition of Cuckney Hay Wood and wildlife rich  permissive path along the side of the dam.  Protection needed against nettles but normally well worth it for any one interested in birds.

Cuckney walk 4  Leisurely – 6 miles(9.6km) or with extension Moderate 9 miles(14.4km). Mostly on quiet roads and Welbeck Estate roads, just three fields. Takes you to Norton, Welbeck, Holbeck Woodhouse, High Holbeck and Cuckney. The second half is very good – look out for the white deer in the deer park. The extension adds Creswell Crags.

Norton walk 1   Leisurely – 7.6 miles (12km)  Picturesque villages of Norton and Cuckney and fine views over the Welbeck Estate.


Holbeck walk 1  Leisurely – 2.2 mile(3.5km) and 3.5 mile(5.6km) routes. Mostly on quiet roads with no pavement but does have flat grass verges. High Holbeck is up the hill. A good walk round this attractive and quiet village.


Thoresby walks  Thoresby Estate permissive paths – easy walking and cycling.


Welbeck walk 1  Leisurely – 3.6 miles (5.7km)  Through the well-kept woods and along a farm track from Welbeck tunnel entrance at  South Lodge. Good views on the way of Worksop Manor and Worksop with the spire of St John’s Church prominent. Walk back across the fields, then down to the lake and back.


Worksop walk 1  Leisurely – 4.3 miles (7km)  Across the meadow via Broad Lane to the Welbeck tunnel entrance at  South Lodge. Good views on the way back of Worksop Manor, Manor Farm and Worksop with the spire of St John’s Church prominent. A walk back in time from the busy 21st century.

Worksop walk 2  Moderate – 10.3 miles (16.5km). A long circuit through outer parts of Clumber and Welbeck. Good views of Worksop Manor, Manor Farm and Worksop with the spire of St John’s Church prominent.

Worksop walk 3  Leisurely – 6.6 miles (10.5km)  Pleasant route from Sparken Hill woods to Clumber and Hardwick.

Worksop walk 4  Leisurely  –  7 miles (11.1km)  A walk to see Worksop Manor Lodge and Steetley Chapel with its Robin Hood connections. Some walking on narrow lanes – face on coming traffic. Park at Darfoulds Nursery.

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